Determining Whether Your Logo Needs to be a Digital Print

When adding a logo or graphic to your sign, you will need to know how it should
be classified to receive accurate pricing from our estimating department. The
following guidelines should help in determining if your logo/graphic needs to be
digitally printed or if it can be properly reproduced in 3 colors or less in vinyl.

For Figure 1 the colors are solid and distinct it is capable of being reproduced in
3 colors as a vinyl graphic.

Figure 2 on the other hand has shaded colors and must be considered a digital

When sending a bitmap image it is important that you send a file that is of
sufficient resolution for the size of sign that you are making. We can accept and
print detail from files up to 1200dpi, but we ask for files of 300dpi MINIMUM (at full
size) for satisfactory digital prints. If hi-res files are not available, we can still print,
but must advise our customers that the print may not be of desired quality when
viewed at full size.

This is a sample of a bitmap image that has been enlarged and now shows the
pixels from which the image is created. To avoid this use only high resolution
images or use vector graphics which are scalable and do not pixelate at any size.
Some examples of vector files are: EPS / WMF graphics, some clipart images and
artwork created in CorelDraw or other vector graphics programs.

For more specific Artwork Guidelines, click
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